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Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program

Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program

Heartland’s Philosophy on Male Trauma-Focused Therapy

Our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program is a program at Heartland Behavioral Health Services’ treatment center in Nevada, Missouri. It provides inpatient treatment for males ages 12 to 17. The average stay is between six and 12 months depending on the needs of the patient. The program is based on a combination of therapeutic approaches, which have proven successful with struggling youth.

Our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program provides a holistic approach to recovery through management of trauma-related behaviors that impact the patient’s ability to live and function effectively. Behaviors pose a significant risk of the young person harming themselves or others and may be related to cognitive, emotional, social or behavioral dysregulation.

Our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program provides patients an opportunity to develop insight into their thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Then, they are able to make a fundamental change in their behavior by learning healthy and functional self-management skills. 

Some of these self-management skills include mindfulness, relaxation, self-soothing, mood identification and regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal relations and personal responsibility. The core message is that individuals are responsible for what they choose to say and what they choose to do.

Natural Control

Our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program emphasizes natural control through the use of self-management skills. There are effective medications to assist with psychiatric symptoms and the treatment team will recommend these judiciously. The use of medications that are taken “as needed,” will only be utilized after the resident has attempted all other avenues of managing his emotional distress. 

It is the mission of the our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program to provide quality behavioral modification and psychiatric treatment to individuals and their families in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards of care.

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The holistic approach to our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program includes:

  • A structured and non-threatening inpatient milieu
  • Comprehensive assessment of needs
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Dialectical, cognitive and rational emotive behavioral therapy techniques and concepts
  • Skill building and education focused on impulse identification and control as well as mindfulness and personal responsibility
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
  • Expressive therapies focusing on art, literature, drama and recreation
  • Medication education and management
  • Substance abuse treatment (if appropriate)
  • Case management and aftercare planning

Resident Expectations

  • Signing of our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program Behavioral Contract prior to beginning advancement in the program
  • Agreement to fully cooperate with individual, family and group therapy sessions
  • A commitment to actively apply non-destructive methods of self-management

Goal and Objectives

The focus of our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program is on building a life worth living by internalizing the key principle of responsibility.

The residential clinical team recommends residents for our Male Trauma-Focused Therapy Program based on the reviews of the following criteria:

  • Enhancing symptom management for clinical diagnosis of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, impulse-control, personality disorder traits and/or trauma-related disorders
  • Behaviors that create a significant risk of the patient harming himself and/or others
  • Extreme defiance that places the young person at risk of harm
  • An overall lack of respect for others, property, and/or lack of progress in traditional residential treatment programs

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