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Post Stabilization

Discharge Process for Residential and Acute Care Programs

Upon completion of treatment at Heartland, patients will be scheduled for discharge.
The primary therapist will be working with parents and the resident to identify success of treatment and completion of the residential program. The primary therapist will work with parents of residential patients to coordinate the most appropriate date and time to pick up the resident. Patients receiving acute care will work with a dedicated case manager to help with the discharge process.

At the time of discharge, the triage or discharge nurse will review any medication that has been prescribed, where the electronic prescription has been submitted for pick up and any other medical follow-ups requested.

At this time, the triage or discharge nurse will also review the follow up outpatient appointments that have been scheduled for ongoing follow up care. All belongings will be gathered from the unit and items in storage will be retrieved and returned to the parent prior to discharge. Parents will meet the child’s therapist for a face-to-face family therapy session to review the progress during treatment, and to review a crisis safety plan as well as any other follow up recommendations for care.

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We cannot offer a diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, however, our professional staff offer 24/7 assessments at no cost. We can be reached anytime by calling 800-654-9605. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.