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Recreational Therapy

Expressive and Recreation Therapy

There are many goals that Expressive and Recreation Therapy have. One is to help children identify, more specifically, what the emotions are that they are experiencing. When words aren’t getting across, the depth of the emotion a child is experiencing, he or she can easily become frustrated. The use of art, drama, poetry and storytelling often give the child a way to relay what is truly going on inside their head and heart. Another is to encourage engagement in activities that promote teamwork, problem solving, communication, movement, healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

We understand that each child is unique and that is why this program has two components. One component is Expressive Therapy. We have an entire room dedicated for kids to express their thoughts, feelings, opinions and emotions using a variety of media and techniques. The goal with this component is to identify a child’s personal emotions and increase their emotional vocabulary. Rather than a child saying, “I feel mad”, our goal is to guide the child to look inside themselves to identify more specifically what the emotion is such as, “I feel frustrated or enraged or, I show mad on the outside because inside I feel lonely.”

The second component is Expression in Movement (also called “Recreational Therapy”). Kids have the opportunity to utilize our 50+ acre campus and participate in activities such as kickball, Wiffle ball, initiative games, problem solving, and all types of movement activities. The overall goal for this component is for the children to work collectively together as a team and also have fun while doing it. Both of these components are a favorite among many of our kids, especially those interested in the arts and expressive movement.

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