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Residential Facilities for Youth in Missouri

Residential Facilities for Youth in Missouri

Residential Mental Health Care

The team at Heartland Behavioral Health Services crafts treatment plans for each patient while still maintaining a strong focus on the family and support system involved. Children and adolescents work with teams of professionals to set realistic goals for successful outcomes. Our residential treatment center, located in Nevada, Missouri, can help treat various mental health issues.

Heartland’s therapists are all trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as well as a number of additional individualized focuses to provide a well-rounded body of treatment. DBT residential services are a form of evidence-based therapy to address mental illness and traumatic stress by teaching skills such as emotional regulation.

In order to adequately address each child’s personal needs, Heartland provides each child with access to:

  • An eating disorder & wellness specialist (including diabetic management)
  • Attachment and trauma-focused treatment
  • Creative arts therapy, expressive therapy, play and Theraplay®
  • Alcohol & substance abuse programming
  • Individual community-based  and independent living skill development
  • Skills coaching Sessions
  • The Equestrian Therapy Program

Our Residential Treatments Include

Edgenuity Educational Experience

In alternative education settings, students are in different grade levels with various levels of ability and learn in many different ways. Edgenuity provides an exciting, engaging experience that is designed to capture attention and draw students into the interactive world of online and blended learning. By utilizing Edgenuity, those in our Residential Program will have truly differentiated instruction with multiple learning styles.

Edgenuity strongly believes that each student is unique and acquires information in his or her own way. As a result of that belief, courses are designed to provide students with activities that support the ways they learn best: seeing, hearing, and touching the course materials.

All Edgenuity instructions takes place in classrooms with trained, certified, highly qualified, Nevada R-V School District teachers.

For Parents

Heartland’s Online Parent Portal

Our interactive Parent Portal was created to help our families feel more connected during their child’s stay. This portal allows you to connect directly with your child’s therapists, our assistant director of nursing, & our CEO. Families will have access to educational videos on our therapy programs, you can meet the friendly faces of our clinical team, and stay-up-to-date on activities from the day and even receive instant notifications and pictures from activities, such as when we take a trip to our community farm or local YMCA.

For all questions or issues regarding the Parent Portal, please email [email protected]

Family Weekends

On the second and fourth weekend of each month, Heartland invited parents and children to partake in activities that promote wellness, togetherness, and skill building. All participants are welcome to enjoy the unique Equine Assisted Therapy program, engage in joint psychotherapy sessions, and take part in family therapy, all to encourage attunement, and bring one another closer together.

Need Help? Give Us a Call.

Heartland Behavioral Health Services provides acute inpatient and residential treatment services to children and adolescents at our treatment facilities in Nevada, Missouri. We cannot offer a diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, however, our professional staff offer 24/7 assessments at no cost. We can be reached anytime by calling 800-654-9605. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.